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Dealing with my Hair loss problem the Masterpiece Hospital way


Hair is an important feature in the aesthetics of human beings. It gives warmth, beauty, and self-esteem to everyone. As a woman of Asian heritage, hair is very important to me. Hair in the Asian culture symbolizes loveliness and even fertility. My hair was not overly long but was a mid-length, raven black affair with lovely highlights at the tip.

My Life

I am 30 years old, reasonably attractive, and in the food and hospitality business. I have a family and I am a happy, socially active individual. My job requires that I meet all kinds of people, and to do that, I must have a certain level of self-confidence. Therefore when I began to experience some hair loss several months ago, I was naturally concerned.


My hair loss problem began so gently that it was barely unnoticeable. The first real signs were perhaps a little more hair left on the brush at grooming times, and then some hair on my night table. I really didn’t give it much of a thought until I began to see a visibly receding hairline. This receding hairline made my forehead more pronounced in an unattractive manner. It also resulted in some thinness and near patches in certain areas of my head. The final outcome was that I looked much older than my age.

Searching for a Remedy

I took my hair problem very seriously and began to search for a cure for the problem. Family and friends were very eager if not practically helpful in making the problem go away. I did get the usual hair-brained suggestions (which, desperate as I was, I immediately tried, of course), and I got some solutions off of the Internet. It is mindboggling to imagine the sheer number of offered remedies for hair loss that are out there.

There are lotions and creams, portions and salves, there are herbal cosmetics that you rub in and herbal supplements that you are supposed to drink. Some of them taste okay, I guess you could say, but some others … urg, wild horses couldn’t drag me to repeat them.

Anyway, I was searching for a solution, right, so everything was fair game. I also did tinker with the idea of hair transplants, wigs and all the other cosmetic solutions. They didn’t truly satisfy. The thing I most remember is the sense of expectancy once I got started on a new course of treatment. I am naturally a very happy and optimistic person, so I entered each new one with all the gusto it required. It became a bit old after a while, and it started to be quite a drag to raise enthusiasm for the next one.

Through all this, my family and friends were incredible and very supportive. I am lucky to have the people I do around me. As for work, it was difficult, but I alternated with creative hairstyles that made the most of what I had, and some ingenious headwear. I wouldn’t be honest if I said that I didn’t have instances of depressions. I would look at a woman or girl I might never have especially noticed a year ago, and find myself envious just because of her hair. It wasn’t a great place psychologically. Books and faith were also strong helpers for me at this time.


I basically stumbled on the hair loss treatment offered by Masterpiece Hospital. Naturally, having in my estimation gone around the block by this time, as far as hair loss solutions went, I took the advertisements with more than a grain of salt. Then I saw some pictures on the site. They were before and after pictures, and they showed incremental but steady improvements in hair placement for the folks in the photos. I also noticed that they seemed a lot happier in the “after” pictures. Basically, my philosophy at this point became more like, “anyone who can make a person with hair loss issues smile, is what trying”.

So it was on this faith structure that I decided to give it a go once more and signed up for the Masterpiece hospital Hair Transplantation procedure.

The treatment process

One thing that I did and which I advise all intending patients or customers to do is have faith in the program. I was coming, as I said earlier, from a place of disillusion following scores of failed attempt. However, I was able to convince myself once again to give my 100% and do this with all the strength and faith required. One positive result of this is that you are able to, as I was, to commit to the program and cooperate with the surgeons to carry out all the treatment plan.

I also observed that I experienced positive effects on my overall health. I had read that staying well hydrated has a good effect on hair growth, and I made sure I took in lots of water. I also slept earlier than I would usually, and took greater care with grooming and my appearance. The total results were hat I felt healthier, looked better, and generally was more positive in my outlook.

The first process took only some hours. I noticed the effects immediately. This, of course, made me that much more willing to continue the treatment in further transplantations. I listened carefully to my Doctor and kept an open line with him.

As the treatment entered into its final stages, the results were really visible and as encouraging as anything. I cannot tell you how it felt that I had the chance at a normal life again.

The Masterpiece hair transplantation procedure was a literal life saver for me. I cannot emphasize enough what having a normal hairline and a fuller head of hair has done for me professionally, at home, and psychologically. I no longer have the receding hairline problem, and my Doctor helped me shape my hairline so it fits the structure of my face exactly. I also have more hair in other places, which nicely takes care of the thinning hair issue.

The problem of looking older has also completely disappeared and if anything, I look younger than my real age, so yaaay!

Hair Transplantation

A new me.


I am no longer hiding at home on Friday nights, and have again fully resumed a full and healthy social life. I don’t continue to reject offers to go out on account of my hair, as in the past, not all my efforts to cover my receding hairline worked, and I would often just give up ad stay home, rather than continue the frustrating task.


I never would have imagined how devastating having a hair loss problem could be on my morale, self -esteem, and self-confidence. Well, I found out the really hard way.  Today, I am my old self again, and if possible, even stronger than I used to be. I have the hair I wanted so badly without the use of wigs and other makeshift cosmetic solutions. I feel wonderful, motivated and absolutely gorgeous.

เป็นผู้หญิงก็ปลูกผมได้!!! รีวิวปลูกผมจากมาสเตอร์พีซ คลินิกค่ะ

Family and Friends

Since I am a happier person now, I find that I am also a much easier person to live with. My beautiful family and all my friends may not say so as they continue to be so warm and loving to me, but I can tell that they prefer this me to the old depressed, hair loss obsessed version. While I do regret the hassles they had to undergo, I am deliriously happy that I am again able to share quality time with those dearest to me.


Work is great. Now, because I no longer worry whether customers and colleagues are looking at me or at my hairline, I am able to focus 100% on the needs of my customers and ensure I give them satisfaction. Outward activity to a large extent is a reflection of inner health and conditions, so I approach my work today with great enthusiasm and confidence that the future will be bright.

Final words

The Masterpiece hair transplantation procedure helped me at a very sensitive and delicate place in my life. It is a sound example of how medical cosmetic interventions can have a positive and indeed life changing effect on the wellness and health of an individual. I would genuinely and enthusiastically recommend this program to anyone facing the same challenges that I did, or dealing with something similar to it.

The care and attention of the Doctors, staff in general and contact personnel at Masterpiece hospital are memories I shall always treasure. The treatment plan is in no way traumatic or invasive and is also most affordable. I can definitely with all my heart say that I got my money’s worth – and some.